Holbrook said Wednesday that UC is “considering a

main universities not likely to return to campus this fall At the University of California, which has 10 campuses across the state, “it’s likely none of our campuses will fully re open in fall,” Stett Holbrook, a spokesperson for UC, told CNN in an email on Tuesday. Holbrook said Wednesday that UC is “considering aContinue reading “Holbrook said Wednesday that UC is “considering a”

The Florentinealways changes with the times that’s

## ## Mercatino di Ninni relocates to via Federighi Even a casual perusal of the racks is a study in sophisticated taste. Bottega Veneta, Issy Miyake, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Herm Chlo Chanel, Fendi, Marni and Narciso Rodriguez are only a few of the luxury labels lining the shop. Here, however, high fashion doesn breakContinue reading “The Florentinealways changes with the times that’s”

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